Thursday, April 5, 2012

Year of no light - Nord

Genre : Post-metal / Sludge

Year of no light's debut album was re-released not long ago, with a second disc including many works from their earlier demos or splits. As such, it is time to dig it again. Quite a tricky release if you ask me, because of many different atmospheres, unusual song structures and different approachs to the same genre, as this album actually merges instrumental post-metal, sludge, doom metal and drone. Vocals are not proeminent here, actually they are really in the background, maybe too much sometimes, as they're able to deliver a real aggressive feeling which we'd surely appreciate more if a bit louder. Technically and musically speaking, Nord is heavily guitar-oriented, as there are very few keyboards there, and as most of the ambient sounds are actually made through slow guitar droning. But those successfully setup a really gloomy atmosphere here. For that, Year of no light are undoubtedly masters in the genre, as one can really feel despair and darkness anytime in these songs. Even in the instrumental ones, which represent a good half of the release. Something to check out if you enjoyed despaired melancholy and soundscapes devoid of light.

Check out a couple songs, like the awesome Par économie pendant la crise on éteint la lumière au bout du tunnel and an instrumental, droning one, Qu'importe qu'ils me haïssent, pourvu qu'ils me craignent. And follow Year of no light on Facebook.

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